EWF promotes national actions for the conservation of wildlife by using sounds, images and remote control tracking technologies, as well as state-of-the-art communication methods, capable of live monitoring biodiversity and of detecting the presence of endangered animals in aquatic areas as well as on land

Ear to the Wild Foundation objectives

Redefining the natural world through bioacoustics is one of the most exciting and valuable scientific developments of modern times.

Ear to the Wild Foundation is bringing to India a world leader technology in the rapidly developing science of bioacoustics. But what is bioacoustics? In essence, it is the sound of life itself.

The Foundation aims at becoming one of the Indian pre-eminent scientific organisations pioneering practical solutions through bioacoustics to address critical environmental problems. It works at the edge of intelligent technology’s reach to preserve and protect endangered wildlife. Its mission is to prevent avoidable loss of biodiversity and damage to wildlife by identifying interfaces where natural animal sounds and human generated activities collide, causing acoustic trauma and even death. Bioacoustics empowers us for the first time to take realistic steps to reduce or avoid destruction to habitat and species. It can also monitor undersea earthquakes to protect human society from the carnage of tsunamis.

To help governments prevent damage to wildlife and habitats from human causes, the Foundation funds and manages a wide scope of action campaigns in India. It develops practical solutions for protecting species, and enables humanity’s reconnection with nature, which is critical for our future generations.

The Foundation’s hub of technical expertise is Spain’s Laboratory of Applied Bioacoustics (LAB), based at the Technical University of Catalonia, BarcelonaTech (UPC). LAB generates world-leading practical science and is dedicated to global action.